ZTE Apache rumored with 8-core processor

ZTE Apache rumored with 8-core processor

Awww, how cute… your dual-core and quad-core handsets are so darling.  Check out my new 8-core smartphone. If the recent chatter is correct, this is exactly what some will be saying in the shorter term as ZTE is said to be working on such a behemoth.

Called the ‘Apache’, the Chinese handset is reportedly powered by a Mediatek ARM15 MT6599 chip with eight cores. Additional details include a 1080p HD display, 13-megapixel camera, and WCDMA/4G LTE/TD-SCDMA connectivity.

So many questions…

It’s not much of a stretch to consider that the trend will move away from quad-core CPU’s to something with eight, however there’s plenty that remains unclear.  What kind of battery life are we looking at in such a device? How far down the road will it be until we see this arrive? Are consumers really that concerned with hardware details? Will this even come to the United States?

January, and CES, is but six weeks away where we might get a glimpse at what the future holds. As to whether this means there be light shed on the eight core stuff… we’re not holding our breath.

Via Unwired View

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    November 29, 05:02 Reply

    I can’t believe it, 8 cores in a Smartphone? But why? Does anybody need this???

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