HTC pinning comeback hopes on 2013 flagship, the ‘M7′

HTC pinning comeback hopes on 2013 flagship, the ‘M7′

After a less-than-stellar 2011 and 2012, HTC is looking for a return to the top of the Android mountain. To do so, the Quietly Brilliant company is going to have get a little noisy in the coming year.

Samsung and other handset makers have been slowly eroding HTC’s grip on the market and 2013 could be a slippery slope.  Failure to make an impact over the next few months could really spell disaster for HTC. What to do?  Pin your comeback hopes on a new device going under the codename of ‘M7′.

HTC already has lofty expectations for the upcoming device and figures to move 4-5 million in the first quarter alone, according to Focus Taiwan. It’s unclear what the hardware and software is for the M7 but it doesn’t take much to figure a few things out.

Assuming HTC is smart and nimble enough we anticipate a 1080p Super LCD3 display much like the Droid DNA and its international counterpart. We would expect nothing less than 2GB RAM, 4G LTE, a terrific camera, and the latest Snapdragon processor technology.

History tells us that HTC will formally debut the M7 at Mobile World Congress, perhaps as part of a portfolio of new models. Should that be the case then the next few months will be fun to track.

Focus Taiwan via AndroidAndMe

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  1. Zoide
    December 05, 15:02 Reply

    I hope it’s not a monster 5″ screen though. The HTC One X’s 4.7″ screen is already a bit too big for comfortable hand use.

    • Robert Caldecott
      December 05, 15:54 Reply

      Agreed. I have a Nexus 4 and I definitely don’t want to get anything bigger. 4.2″ would be easier to use.

  2. jam
    December 05, 15:05 Reply

    i need this :DD HTC is back!

  3. Don McCall
    December 05, 16:25 Reply

    What they need to do is make a “no excuses” device. All of their top devices the last few years have had compromises. They need to take the screen from the Droid DNA, either design in a removable battery OR a battery the size of the Razr HD Maxx & GN2, have AT LEAST 2GB of memory, have removable storage AND at least 32GB of on-device storage (preferably 64 like the One X+), and have a top chipset (quad-core S4 Pro and better only). They have to check all the boxes and knock it out of the park, otherwise people aren’t going to want to give them another chance. Back when they were making the Incredible S, G2 and MyTouch 4G they had that mindset….just over 2 years later and what happened?

  4. Bryan Eaton
    December 05, 17:47 Reply

    Tone down Sense and gimme a badass camera with an unlocked bootloader and you have a sale.

  5. Major_Pita
    December 05, 22:00 Reply

    If the next HTC Uberphone doesn’t have a replaceable battery and either 32GB minimum of storage or an SD card slot it’s game over.

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