Galaxy Note III rumored with 6.3-inch display

Galaxy Note III rumored with 6.3-inch display

The Samsung Galaxy Note III could end up even bigger than its predecessor and feature a whopping 6.3-inch display, according to new reports. Chatter coming out of Korea Times indicates Samsung is looking to stretch things a bit more with the new model when it presumably arrives in the second half of year.

It’s unclear what the hardware specs are for a Galaxy Note III however we don’t expect to get a slouch. Our gut tells us that the form factor will stay close to the current model but with a nearly edge-to-edge screen like the Motorola Droid Razr M. We cannot imagine there being a ton of folks who want to hold something physically bigger than the Note II.

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  1. Carlos
    December 13, 09:53 Reply

    Surely someone needs to put a stop to all this nonsense if true… Some people might think that the current 5.5” is too big while others might not, but 6.3? Come on, that is almost like a tablet and cannot be considered a phone anymore.

    • masterpfa
      December 13, 16:16 Reply

      It really depends on how the screen size ‘IF’ it’s 6.3 is achieved. If truly edge to edge then I could imaging the current physical and capacitive buttons going for walkies and on-screen buttons used instead.

      But currently everything said this early in the game is pure speculation and in fear of being ridiculed nearer to release.

      Time will tell

  2. Brian Parkerson
    December 13, 10:22 Reply

    I love it …It gives us choice. We decide if we want to purchase a device this size. To put a stop to it is ridiculous. This isn’t Samsung’s first rodeo. I’m sure all of our thoughts and concerns have been thrown across the table at Samsung. With that being said, I’m sure they have reasoning to their madness. After all, they must be doing something right. I’ve purchased 3 Galaxy S devices including each successor, as well as the Note, and Note 2. I have absolutely loved each and every device and it still amazes me how they can keep getting better and better. Just give credit where credit is due and let the professionals do what they do best! Who are we to tell Samsung to “cool it”? Way I see it, “keep on keeping on Samsung”!!

  3. Phil
    December 13, 10:47 Reply

    I think it could be done the same way they did the Galaxy Nexus – get rid of the capacitive buttons & extend the screen the screen. I tried a quick measurement on my Galaxy Note 1, and I think you could pull it off without making the phone much, if any, bigger.

  4. erni74
    December 13, 11:53 Reply

    It’s getting more & more crazy! An 6,3 inch Android Smartphone or should i say smartlet or phablet?!

  5. Vemman
    December 14, 17:46 Reply

    phablet, phonelet… where the heck is this going???

  6. Kuen Chan
    December 15, 13:39 Reply

    Has everyone forgotten the Samsung Galaxy Tab ? ie…7″ screen …… So what’s the beef ?

  7. Margie Dempsey
    December 15, 21:37 Reply

    This is insane!!! I can’t imagine how heavy it would be! I went with an LG Intuition instead of a Note 2 because the LG weighs a full 20 grams less than the Note! So a screen this big, what — over 200 grams? I have a hair salon in New York and use my phone to surf the ‘net for hairstyles. A phone this big would be useless; I’d rather have a flip phone and a tablet.

  8. Attreau
    December 17, 11:32 Reply

    Hey, I am all for a bigger screen…..purchased the Verizon Galaxy Note 2 recently and love it. Bear in mind, there are some of us who really are not on our phone to talk much… I tend to do more text messaging then talking. The bigger screens make this easier and a much more enjoyable experience. Now, I am 6′ 5″ and the size of the phone is not a problem for one-handed operations, so, I understand these phones are not for everyone…..but for once, I am getting sizes I can relate to rather than never finding something which fits! Thanks Samsung for considering all customers!

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