March 27, 2015

ZTE to announce 5-inch Grand S at CES


Details on the official CES website tell us that ZTE will announce a new 5-inch smartphone on January 8.

Touted as the new flagship handset for the Chinese manufacturer, the Grand S is expected to be the thinnest 5-inch 1080p handset in the world. With nearly every smartphone maker around getting in on the large and high-resolution displays it will be fun to watch them compete to differentiate.

Be the first to see the brand new Grand S, ZTE’s flagship handset in its high-end Grand Series of products. ZTE’s first FHD smartphone is also the world’s thinnest for 5 inch FHD smartphones. Made of ceramic and featuring traditional Chinese style, the Grand S is the perfect phone for the fashionable set.

We’re finding that ZTE is slowly but surely getting more active in the United States, often less expensive than what other makers choose to offer. It would not surprise us to learn that Sprint or a prepaid carrier ultimately supports the Grand S but with a different name.

In a related note, the rumored Nubia Z5 may be the Grand 5 or a variation of said device.


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  1. Jimmy Mackey

    That advertising quote from ZTE has strange grammar; what exactly is “traditional Chinese style” in a phone? The thinnest FHD phone is pretty impressive in itself, along with the size. I know my buddy at DISH loves to be the first to buy things like this and he’ll probably talk to the rep at CES about how to buy one. I love my Galaxy Note II because it has the largest screen available, 5.5-inches. I also use the Sling Adapter for watching TV on my portable devices when I’m away from home, using the DISH Remote Access App I downloaded. It works on my Android phone and iPad so I can watch more TV than I used to since I can watch anywhere I go.


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