March 27, 2015

Amazon reportedly taps Foxconn for Kindle smartphone


Amazon has tapped Foxconn to help build the rumored Kindle smartphone, according to the Taiwan Economic News. For what it’s worth, this matches up a previous rumor out of Digitimes who claimed the handset would arrive in mid-2013. Assumed to be an Android-based smartphone, the Kindle handset could have a custom skin and experience with access to Amazon’s apps and services.

While it certainly seems easy to scoff at the source of some of these rumors, Digitimes might be right on some of these details. It may not be something you would buy for yourself, it smells of one of those “seems too obvious not to happen” deals.

Taiwan Economic News

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  1. Frettfreak

    Really… They better be changing some drastic stuff in their Os cause I think of scrolling a book case to get to contacts and phone and whatever and it just won’t fly. I don’t personally care for the way the Kindle works either but it’s usable for a tablet not a smartphone.


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