Get this look for your Android smartphone: New York

Get this look for your Android smartphone: New York


One of our absolute favorite things about Android is the fact that you can bend and tweak the platform to your needs.  Sure, there’s rooting and modding for deep level personalization, but that stuff does not always concern the everyday user. Some of just want to change the home screen around a bit and create a new user experience. To that end, we present our weekly series of Get This Look posts.

In a nutshell we will show you a new look for your Android handset and tell you which apps you’ll need if you want to mimic the feel. Note that the following details are but the ingredients to which you can create your own delicious Android dish – results will vary.  But that’s awesome. In fact, many of the designs we highlight tend to use the same apps.

New York 2 by Lesa0208


We’ve covered a number of looks designed around Google Now but thus far we have not encountered one that so closely resembles the Google+ aesthetics.  If you’re a user of Google’s social network then this home design will feel very familiar. For those who aren’t, this is still sharp-looking layout that puts your important apps and details in a handy spot.

We also like that this one take very little effort to assemble and is largely based around a screen shot of Google+ set against your choice of wallpaper. You know what else rocks? It’s free to create!


Anything Else?

There’s a wonderful website that we’ve long appreciated called MyColorScreen which is dedicated to the great ways you can modify your home screens.

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    January 04, 14:37 Reply

    I find the series really frustrating. the apps are listed, there are nice pictures of the screen but in the end it seem we’re on our own when it come to actually getting this look?????

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