WSJ: Google and Motorola prepping X Phone, X Tablet



Google and Motorola are prepping a new smartphone and tablet for 2013 which will rival products from Samsung and Apple. Very little is known about these two however their current names, “X Phone” and “X Tablet” sounds more like code names or working project names.

[blockquote align=”center” variation=”hotpink”]It is unclear if these two will be announced at Google IO in May 2013.[/blockquote]

Reportedly, Motorola is working to include “high-quality camera and great photo software” in the experience, something which will surely be welcomed. Features are set to include some of the tech that made Viewdle such a hot property earlier in the year. Additional technologies being explored for the X Phone include bendable screens and ceramic materials to make the device more durable.

It’s unclear if these are products that will be introduced in mid-2013 around the time of Google IO or if they will be members of the Nexus family. Assuming Google is involved in the making of these two we would anticipate nothing less. Maybe a Nexus X with Android 5.0?

Things get even more interesting if you consider an Android Central forums member has to say about said projects. Note the emphasis is ours.

Apparently this phone is called the “X Phone” or something along those lines and has buttons on the back of the phone. He said that a camera button is in the middle of the phone with volume up and down buttons on both sides of it all on the back face of the phone. He said it is supposed to be more ergonomic while holding the phone.

He also talked a lot about the phone having a ton of new voice command features and swiping gestures to accomplish tasks. He said the idea of this phone is to completely change the way we ergonomically have to interact with our phones. I.e. that it would take less than two seconds from the phone being in the pocket to using the camera. These features would be built on top of android as a stand alone proprietary suite app so that moto can be dedicated to updating to all new google updates in 3 months or less.

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  1. Putting buttons on the back of the phones sounds like a good idea. I’m tired of hitting the wrong buttons on the sides of the phone. It would be nice too if moto finally put gyros in their phones!

  2. Hey Google or Moto – please put a sticky note on the wall where the phone designers eat lunch and write “Don’t forget the uSD card, removable battery, and LTE this time!”

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