CyanogenMod 10.1 nightlies come to Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 – T-Mobile, Verizon, 10.1v, and wi-fi versions

If you’ve got a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, you know that you can feel a little, well – alone in the development department. However, cheer up, and get ready for flashing, because CyanogenMod has released the 10.1 nightlies for the Sammy 10.1. This means that the stock 4.2 Android experience is yours to have, along with all the major improvements that naturally come with the CM 10.1 release. Remember, however, that a nightly version is a bleeding-edge, slightly untested version of a ROM, so proceed with caution.

Be sure to hit the links below for your download. As always, AG is not responsible if you brick, damage, create a black hole with, or accidentally implode the universe with your device.

download – p4wifi | p4vzw | p4tmo | p4 | p3

via androidpolice

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