Samsung giving free flip cover and tectiles for registering your device

Samsung giving free flip cover and tectiles for registering your device

If you’ve got a Samsung Galaxy S3 or Note 2, listen up. Samsung has a promotion going on right now over at their Facebook page, where you can get a free flip cover and a set of 6 TecTiles, just for registering your device. All you have to do is click the link (below) to go to the Samsung Facebook page, click the “Holiday Offers” button, and register your device. This is while supplies last, so make surer to get yours in quick. Link found below.

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  1. Christian
    December 31, 12:36 Reply

    Are you serious, 2 days later? This is long over.

  2. TJL
    December 31, 12:52 Reply

    Mine was 50% off at their store. boooooo

  3. Marco
    December 31, 14:23 Reply

    Dustin Karnes, you suck! Dropping Android Guys from my reader. Who needs old news?

  4. no one
    January 02, 10:24 Reply

    Seems like androidguys has been piggy backing stores lately

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