ASUS Nexus 7 dock coming to US and Europe this month


We’ve been waiting and waiting, and it seems like we’ve got solid news that the ASUS Nexus 7 dock is coming to both the states and Europe this month. According to the source, ASUS Benelux says that the dock should arrive mid-January, and is speculated to be €29.99. As far as the US goes, B&H photo, who originally offered the dock for pre-order last month, shows availability of January 10th, and is selling the dock for $39.99.

via androidworld


  1. Absolutely appauling!…This as got to be a typo!…..Everyone looking at different sites have been led to believe that this dock would carry a £35.00 price tag max!…How can Asus justify selling this moulded piece of plastic that does very little apart from fitting and charging the nexus 7 in landscape mode for £79.00?…This price tag comes direct from Asus at CES Las Vegas!

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