March 2, 2015

Polaroid opening stores exclusively for printing photos from your phone


In trying to keep up with the hip, club-going, photo-snapping crowd of 20-somethings (and 50-somethings in a crisis), Polaroid – yes, that Polaroid – is looking to build up some brick and mortar stores. These new set-ups are going to be made for one thing only – printing photos from your phone.

the locations are based on Polaroid’s Fotobar service, and lets users upload, enhance, and print shots from their Fotobar capable devices. The strange thing here is that it’s oh-so-simple already to print your photos from your device at any convenience store, so the company is going to try to play off of the fact that they’ll have “Phototenders”, basically concierges that will walk you through the process.

via theverge

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  1. John Samuel αΩ

    Interesting idea. Though what they should be doing is opening photobooths in bars and stuff and splitting profit with the owners. Get the people to print the photos in the actual place they’re having fun.


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