Sprint reportedly to offer branded prepaid service in late January


Sprint will begin offering its own branded prepaid service in late January, according to a new Android Police report. Set to go live on January 25, ‘Sprint as You Go’ will launch with a pair of basic phones and a pair of smartphones ( LG Optimus Elite and Samsung Victory). Pricing is expected to be $50/month for the former and $70/month for the latter, including unlimited talk, text, and data.



Interestingly, the Samsung Victory is void of the 4G LTE branding that comes with the carrier’s contracted service plan. Also worth noting, it appears none of the current Sprint devices will be made available with the prepaid plans.

With T-Mobile and MetroPCS set to merge, we can expect some concerted efforts in the prepaid business segment. Sprint currently offers no-contract options under the Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile umbrellas. One difference between the Sprint branded service from these two ‘rivals’ is that the carrier will allow unlimited data whereas the others will limit speeds at specific thresholds.


Android Police