March 29, 2015

Huawei announces the Ascend Mate, yet another huge phone that borders on being a tablet

Huawei Ascend

Huawei AscendWe can’t really say we’re surprised by this one, but it’s still one of those announcements that we question anyway. Huawei has just announced the Ascend Mate, packing a quad-core processor, Android 4.1, an 8MP rear camera, front-facing shooter, and microSD support. But the biggest feature (literally) of the Ascend Mate comes in the form of a gargantuan 6.1-inch HD display. That’s all we know for the moment, but we will be updating this post as more information comes in from Huawei’s event.

That notwithstanding, rocking a 6.1-inch screen and still being called a phone could be a bit of a stretch for some users.

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