Kanex Sydnee review

Kanex Sydnee review

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where your devices outnumber your available chargers and/or outlets? I know I sure do. Last week with CES, that problem was magnified as I shared a hotel room with three other bloggers.

As we got closer to bedtime on the first evening, you could feel each of us eyeballing the outlets and trying to figure out how we would charge our phones, camera, tablets, and laptops. It was not an easy situation to overcome and we ended up unplugging the television, lamps, and alarm clock. The second night, I didn’t have a problem at all.  What was the difference? It’s called the Kanex Sydnee and it’s a blogger’s lifesaver.


"It might not be the most portable of devices, but it’s already become a fixture on the office desk."

In a nutshell, the Sydnee turns one plug into four USB ports, each capable of 2.1A output. In other words, all four are able to power tablets with quick charging.

You’ll see from the images and embedded video that the Sydnee offers a great design that looks good on the office desk, nightstand, or kitchen counter. The front lip allows for a tablet to rest in either landscape or portrait mode and there’s plenty of room on the backside for wrapping cords. It might not be the most portable of devices, but it’s already become a fixture on the office desk.


It’s worth pointing out that the Sydnee comes with 3-USB cables which lets you instantly charge any iOS

devices.  Seeing as how I don’t own anything on that front, I simply swapped in my own USB cables with microUSB plugs. Presto! Keeping that in mind, the Sydnee works great in cases where co-workers or spouses might want to charge a phone and/or tablet overnight.


What We Liked

  • Available in black or white colors
  • Supports tablets in landscape/portrait mode, even with protective cases
  • Looks great in any room

Room for Improvement

  • The white model is considerably more expensive than the black model
  • Would love to see a microUSB model

Where to buy

Buy direct from Kanex Live for $99.99 in Black or $149.99 in White

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  1. Jordan Hotmann
    January 14, 16:32 Reply

    Cool accessory to have…but definitely not something I would spend more than $25 for.

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