Now this is what the HTC M7 looks like

Now this is what the HTC M7 looks like

htc_m7_render_watermarkAn image surfaced earlier this which was alleged to be a render of the upcoming HTC M7. Reportedly the photo came from an early walkthrough video and was void of carrier branding.  At the time, it was the best, if not only, look at the device.  Not any longer.

Our friends over at HTC Source have scored what looks to be an official, perhaps, final look at the soon-to-be-flagship smartphone. Having passed the image by two of their sources who spent time with the device, the blog was able to confirm its authenticity.

So, there you have it. The black HTC M7 in all its render glory.  First thoughts? We like what we’re looking at, even if it does ha

HTC Source


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  1. technohead95
    January 20, 12:04 Reply

    Personally I think it looks like every other HTC phone. It’s nota bad design but just doesn’t stand out.

    • rich_bown
      January 20, 12:36 Reply

      Exactly! Especially with the sense clock widget that everyone’s seen a million times before. Uninspiring design there.

      • Nikola
        January 20, 12:51 Reply

        Uninspiring ? oh that’s why the sense clock is copied hundreds of times in launchers :)

        • rich_bown
          January 20, 13:12 Reply

          The flip clock look was very cool……….5 years ago on winmo phones, not any more. I had heard the rumours regarding the m7 and was intrigued, but not any more. Seriously HTC need to do better than this if they don’t want to go the way of Nokia!

      • technohead95
        January 20, 12:54 Reply

        But it’s not a great design. It’s just ”not bad”. One notch up from average.

      • rich_bown
        January 20, 13:13 Reply

        HTC haven’t had great design for years. Average, yes. Pedestrian, yes, but great? No.

      • frhoward
        January 23, 14:48 Reply

        I agree, I have the DNA and besides the Nexus 4, the DNA feels by far the most luxurious while holding it in your hand does not compare to the previous HTC phones feel. The soft matte finish back with the 5″ edge to edge display is really nice. And since I love red, the soft red grilles on the sides just add to that luxurious feel.

  2. laren31
    January 20, 14:12 Reply

    It’s okay. Nothing great at all. I think the Xperia Z looks better though this may be more durable. It looks like every other HTC device. That company really needs some inspiration. They seriously need to step out of this comfort zone. They need to be innovative with their designs as they were with the HD2, Evo4g, and Nexus one. I’m still a fan of HTC but over the years they seem to have lost their inspiration when it comes to design.

  3. Stack
    January 20, 14:38 Reply

    It actually looks like the back may come off… removable battery and sdcard slot ftw!

  4. Steve Schmidt
    January 21, 02:11 Reply

    This phone looks decent in design. If HTC is going to offer 5inch screen in this phone than I would love to buy this phone from HTC. I am also waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S4 which is going to launch at MWC.

  5. ZilverZurfarn
    January 21, 09:26 Reply

    …and PLEASE – Let it come in a lot of different colors. Or are phones in non grey-scale colors impossible, unless it runs WP8?

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