Google Q4 2012 earnings released: Steady growth, without including Motorola

Google yesterday released their specifics on earnings from Q4 2012, to include:

  • Some $14.42 billion in revenue, up 36 percent compared to Q4 of 2011.
  • Motorola, which Google continues to operate as a separate company, saw revenue of $1.51 billion, but an operating loss of $353 million.
  • Google has about $48 billion cash on hand
  • Google’s head count remained relatively even to Q3, with some 37,544 at Google proper, 11,113 at Motorola Mobility and 5,204 at Motorola Home.

Google did mention heavily in the actual earnings call that their Motorola merger is still not complete, and that the 12-18 month timeline of completion is not only still in full swing, but also unchangeable.

According to Google,

We do care about profitability, and that is our goal with every one of the areas where we invest, We’re not in the business of losing money with Motorola.

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via ac | google