International Galaxy S2 Jellybean Update with Nature UX

International Galaxy S2 Jellybean Update with Nature UX


A few lucky Galaxy S2 owners recently received an OTA (over the air) update for Android 4.1.2 JellyBean. This update brings the beloved, Google Now, Project Butter, and expandable notifications. This update brings more than Android 4.1 however, with this update, TouchWiz Nature UX was also updated.

Samsung’s Nature UX is the same version of TouchWiz found on the Galaxy S3. Nature UX introduces features like smart stay, a more refined interface, and a few new Samsung applications. Currently, this update has only been spotted on Spanish International devices, but there is no doubt that this update will make its way to other regions in the coming weeks. As for the US variants, our fate lies in the hands of our carriers.


Source: Android Central

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  1. Tony
    January 23, 19:50 Reply

    I really hope that the Galaxy s2 Skyrocket gets the update. Would be a shame to have spent money on it later on and it gets ignored. Im sure that it’ll get it though.

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