Tutorial: Install Android 4.2 on the Samsung Galaxy S3 (All Variants)

Tutorial: Install Android 4.2 on the Samsung Galaxy S3 (All Variants)

Let’s face it, Android can be a bit fragmented at times. But who says we need to rely on carriers to push updates? Android is much more than a closed OS, ran by carriers. Thanks to the developers modifying Android, we can choose who we rely on for future updates and when we want to receive them. So with the new release of Android 4.2, there is no need to wait for your carrier to push it out, just install it now, here’s how:


  • Rooted Samsung Galaxy S3 (how to)
  • Unlocked Bootloader (how to)



  • Place the two files on your SD Card
    •  *Download the files directly on the device to place them in your internal storage 
  • Download Rom Manager
    • *This is a free root required application that allows you to boot into recovery, manage roms, and manage backups. 
  • Reboot into Recovery
    • *Using Rom Manager, navigate to “Reboot Recovery” 
  • Backup your current rom
    • *Using the volume rocker as up/down, navigate to “backup”, and select with the power button. 
  • Clear Data and Cache
    • *Using your volume rocker as up/down, navigate to “Wipe Data/ Factory Reset”, and select with the power button. Then navigate to “Wipe Cache partition”, and select with the power button.
  • Install the Android 4.2 rom
    • *Using your volume rocker as up/down, navigate to “Install Zip from Internal”, then navigate to the “download” folder, and select the Cyanogenmod 10.1 .zip file. 
  • Install the GAPPS
    • *Using your volume rocker as up/down, navigate to “Install Zip from Internal”, then navigate to the “download” folder, and select the GAPPS .zip file
  • Reboot and Enjoy
    • *You’re done!

Please remember that rooting and flashing custom roms to your device can be very, very dangerous. AndroidGuys.com and myself are not responsible for any problems that may occur during this process. For an added tutorial, please view the attached video for a visual step-by-step tutorial.

[youtube url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y89i8hpWD5E&list=UUvtKdGMoFdNXCb3TooTRZuA&index=1″ width=”600″ autohide=”0″]


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  1. Casey Borders
    January 23, 15:56 Reply

    You should really give some credit to CyanogenMod if you’re going to link to their stuff.

  2. TonyArcher
    January 23, 16:00 Reply

    The word CyanogenMod should be thrown all over this article

  3. Rfnk
    January 24, 07:20 Reply

    Link is broken or is it supposed to take me to cyanogenmod’s wiki?

  4. Daniel
    January 24, 09:15 Reply

    Is this 4.2 jelly bean? If so, I have a factory unlocked i905, which carrier download should I use?

  5. Michael
    January 24, 10:49 Reply

    For the AT&T link going to cricket – just change the cri in the address to att

    • David
      February 22, 16:02 Reply

      Thanks – I was wondering why it wasn’t working!

  6. Michael Aston
    January 25, 21:37 Reply

    be warned, every rom has issues and tbh, a waste of time..sorry, get a nexus 4

    • smarterthanuare
      January 26, 15:30 Reply

      LG has had a very spotty history with Android phones. The Verizon LG Spectrum and all of its variants across other carriers have a serious issue that causes it to reboot, presumably to prevent overheating. Sometimes this happens while on a phone call. Only idiots would make a phone like that. It’s a real shame that Google didn’t stick with Samsung or HTC for the Nexus 4. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is the easiest phone in the world to put stock AOSP Android on.

  7. J. Macall Arnold
    January 28, 20:12 Reply

    I have the Verizon SGS3 and flashed the CM 10.1 M Now My mobile data is no longer working, and I can’t connect my phone to pc via usb cord. Also, a notification keeps coming up saying “Restricted Access Changed” Any suggestions to getting my data back? (Wifi works).

  8. Andreas
    February 03, 12:07 Reply

    Hello, where can i get the Live? – Wallpaper with the Aircrafts flying from the left to the right of the Screen? :) Thank You

  9. Genia
    February 09, 18:01 Reply

    Will this work with a rooted C Spire GS3? I know it very similiar to the Sprint version, so just checking.

  10. torres
    February 10, 04:49 Reply

    Ok the unlock bootloader link is for verizpn only and not all variants. Ez unlock bricked my phone have to jtag it now. Dont trust these guys they dont know what theyre talking about

  11. Lol@u
    February 21, 13:15 Reply

    Wow you’re dumb as shit

  12. Hamzah Younus
    March 26, 16:38 Reply

    im rooted with an international device (so already unlocked bootloader) but everytime I try to get to the clockwork mod screen with the power-vol up-home button maneuver, i end up at android recovery menu! help

  13. Heinz Ruffieux
    May 26, 16:04 Reply

    Thank you for that superb tutorial! Once I really did as you said :-) it worked like a charm!

    My only problem is, that my newly installed S3 is no longer visible in the play store. Did anyone else had that problem too?? I could see it before, but not anymore after the update. I am a Google Apps for Business customer and my phone is properly connected to the related account and I can download apps normally.

    Any hints?



  14. kmanga
    June 22, 18:39 Reply

    I followed all your steps and then when I hit reboot I got the “system software not authorized by Verizon” message.

    Please help!!!

  15. Anyone know what is the wallpaper that the device image? Please !!!! @caseyborders:disqus @TonyArcher:disqus @michael_aston:disqus @ac438e263566f695d9d3b68f96a6ca21:disqus @ad4d1f0bb0c51c95be12fbc9b5e66211:disqus @5308d394fd3a926684e3c329e56e3b94:disqus @facebook-100003861068027:disqus @smarterthanuare:disqus @twitter-20815136:disqus @daa2eb8ceb155f8068c4a1b5294fd714:disqus @338809913029d450792dfefeb54ea491:disqus @a44677f990458844dcf3ec0586fd2283:disqus @eliseojacobo:disqus @6b47a3a62f8333557e8b4bd83508f27b:disqus @17b16527ee5e5ad02b7d7818e8a8c39d:disqus @facebook-100002672420336:disqus

  16. Ian Navarro
    March 04, 15:21 Reply

    My phone s3 lost the setting or its stop the android and email now even the wifi connection its lost whay will I do

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