Review: Temple Run 2 for Android (Video)

Review: Temple Run 2 for Android (Video)

unnamedThe monkeys are back! Temple Run 2 has just been released on the Google Play store, adding new features, levels, characters, and new obstacles, Temple Run 2 makes a great successor. Following the same easy and addictive game play, Temple Run 2 is sure to hit just as many downloads as the first edition.

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Temple Run 2 carries the same objectives from Temple Run 1; Run from the evil monkeys, collect gems, and watch your score grow. Imangi Studios adds a whole new dynamic with Temple Run 2 by adding objectives that help you level up within the games. Objectives range from distance scores, gems collected, and other miscellaneous challenges that can be accomplished throughout the game. As simple as it sound, the added objectives provides players with more of an incentive to keep playing.

Looking at the new features, Temple Run 2 adds three major changes; camera movement, mine carts  and rope swings. The camera movement within Temple Run 2 really shows off the 3D capabilities in mobile gaming. The camera actually sways back and forth as you follow your character through the temple. Mine carts alter the game play completely, making you rely more on the accelerometer to navigate your cart. Rope Swings are also a new feature, they require jumping and the accelerometer to maneuver them. In all, the new features make the game play much more enjoyable than temple run 1.

What We Liked

  • Addictive gameplay
  • Good graphics
  • Challenging objectives

Room For Improvement

  • Better online gameplay
  • Gameplay can become stale

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  1. Phill
    January 24, 20:58 Reply

    They deactivated the use of the pen with the Galaxy Note 2, what an epic fail!

    • Marcus Vann
      January 25, 03:59 Reply

      Don’t you think sir that having a pen while playing Temple Run 2 is going to be a tad bit boring? It will make things go easier aside from sudden uses of accelerometer. They want a game that is challenging enough to keep you addicted to the game with out no sense at all. Temple Run 2 is plain addictive, and requires patience, your only enemy is yourself. You will try to best yourself every time you play this game. I wonder if the creators of Plants VS Zombies will release its 2nd installment, what a pity. I like that game more than Temple Run.

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