Are NVIDIA’s plans even bigger than what we saw at CES?

Are NVIDIA’s plans even bigger than what we saw at CES?

According to the Russian tech site Mobile Review, NVIDIA may have some bigger plans up their sleeves than they let on to at CES this year. While we already saw Project Shield and the Tegra 4, MR says that NVIDIA is looking to really dive into designing and making their own devices. The company seems to be going through a process called white-labeling, where one company makes the product, and another puts their label on it.

According to the reports, NVIDIA is looking to get into both the tablet and smartphone markets,and may have plans to start working on these new devices as soon as middle of this year. That means we may quickly be looking at new devices from NVIDIA that not only compete heavily with high-end devices, but also come with a low price tag.

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via mobile review (Russian)

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  1. Mike Biggs
    January 29, 08:28 Reply

    should be awsome! High end devices by Nvidia with low price tags… sign me up!

    Bought a Nabi 2, a 7 inch Tegra 3 tablet for $200 which is pretty cheap considering it also has HDMI port and SD expansion unlike Google Nexus 7 Google

  2. Mike Biggs
    January 29, 08:30 Reply

    high end devices even cheaper…. sign me up!

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