HTC M7 parts shown off in video

    If you follow Android hardware, chances are you’re pretty familiar with the HTC M7, the successor to the HTC One X. The folks over at ETrade Supply managed to get their hands on what appears to be a back casing and front housing of the M7, and it’s shown off some interesting stuff.

    Things we’ve noticed are that not only may the screen end up being a 4.7-incher, but we may also be looking at a dedicated camera button – not very common for HTC devices. While there’s not a front glass shown in the above video, it looks like we may be looking at a design pretty similar to the Droid DNA. The rear shows a slight hump to the back, as well.

    We can’t say if this is a final design or simply a prototype, but we’d love to hear you thoughts. Be sure to leave them in the comments below.

    • cat

      how can it be larger than the one x and still only have a 4.7″ screen? thats too much wasted space.. i dont buy the 4.7 rumors

      • NickMUK

        I too am a little skeptical, I read somewhere a while ago that there weren’t any manufacturers producing a 4.7″ display with 1080p resolution. Can’t remember where though. Also when the guy measures the device with the ruler he leaves quite a chunk at the bottom, not inconceivable that the screen could be closer to 5″.

    • That’s a 5 incher,not 4.7