New Google patent may hint at Nexus or Motorola phone with multiple LED flashes


In a new patent, Google has released their idea for a device (or devices) with multiple camera LED flashes.This leads us to the possible conclusion that, perhaps, a new Nexus or Motorola phone may be in the works with this new feature.

For those wondering what good multiple flashes would do, consider this. Xenon flashes are much better than the LED flashes, and that’s a fact. However, a system of multiple LED flashes could, in theory, give greater depth to he pictures by illuminating things differently that are at different distances.

Be sure to check out the full patent here, and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

via unwiredview


  1. VERY Interesting; I bet this could help with thing like action or multi-shots and these could also act as extra notification lights!!! I think this is a great idea and I bet we’ll see this on every smartphone coming out in the near future. How about throw another notification light on the front as well