Nexus 7 refresh reported to feature HD display, thinner bezel


    The Nexus 7 will be refreshed with a “full HD” 1080p display and thinner bezel, reports Digitimes. Expected to carry the same attractive $200-$250 price point as the current model, the tablet is said to be manufactured by Asus.

    Citing sources with access to “engineering samples” of the device, word is that “several specifications” will also be tweaked for the new model. Unfortunately it is not clear as to when the tablet will arrive however mid-2013 seems a logical time frame.  With Google I/O taking place in the middle of May it stands to reason that Google could introduce the next-gen device at the big developer conference.

    In a related note, Digitimes claims that there have been an estimated six million shipments of the Nexus 7 through the end January. The most popular version? The $249 32GB Wifi-only model.




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    • smarterthanuare

      Does it include glass for the screen that won’t crack from being in a warm pocket? Acer’s strengthened soda lime glass on their A700 tablet is almost as good as Gorilla Glass. Why can’t Asus do this?

    • Jae Park

      Nexus 7 should be slightly bigger, preferrably same size as the ipad mini.

    • i really wish asus wasn’t making this. any other manufacture since the nexus 7 glass cracks just by being in jacket pockets.