Motorola X-Phone may include 4.8-inch display, Kevlar body


Let’s have some Motorola X-Phone rumors to get the weekend going, shall we? New details passed to Phone Arena suggest that the rumored-and-seemingly-confirmed smartphone will employ hardware from current Motorola devices, including a 3000mAh battery and Kevlar back.

Expected at Google I/O 2013, the handset could also offer users a larger display size, fast and powerful processor, a lot of internal storage, and Sony camera sensor. Allegedly there are folks already testing early prototypes of the smartphone; we’d expect nothing less for a phone due in less than four months.

Besides running stock Android at the moment, the phone is apparently outfitted with a much better camera than the crappy units Motorola currently uses, and the source said it could be a Sony sensor, as Apple’s exclusivity with the Japanese has drawn to an end.

New, unconfirmed details for Motorola X-Phone

  • Android 5.0/Key Lime Pie (stock)
  • 4.8″ – 5.0″ display
  • Kevlar back
  • 300mAh+ battery
  • up to 128GB internal storage
  • Sony camera sensor



  1. I just hope that the verizon stuff is a myth. $300 on contract with VZW when it will be $300 off contract for everyone else is lame and I can’t even find a word horrible enough to describe the rumored $15 bootloader unlock PER MONTH fee.

  2. Wait, weren’t all the previous terrible moto cameras also Sony sensors? I just assumed, as all the terrible stuff I’ve seen in those shots are the same terrible symptoms I’ve seen in the two Sony mainstream cameras I’ve used. In particular, that grainy red look everything gets when it’s not nice and bright in the shot.

  3. I really hope that 128gb of internal storage is correct. Cause then that will ensure the next GALAXY NOTE 3 will have that same storage option. To me I can see 64 internal then 64 sdcard option 128gb internal sound IMPOSSIBLE to do. And if so their won’t be NO SDCARD option then.