HTC M7 will debut with formal moniker of HTC One, rumor indicates

HTC M7 will debut with formal moniker of HTC One, rumor indicates


After months of hype and speculation, the HTC M7 will come to market as the HTC One. Yes, that’s the name being reported by Unwired View (@evleaks) today. We’re confused and don’t really like the name; what do you give the rumored HTC M4 or HTC G2? Our advice would have been to pick an adjective like “Amazeballs” and leave it at that. Using numbers only sets yourself up for confusion and angst.

“How does this differ from the One X?” Or the “One X+?” “I think I will wait for the HTC Two”

Wouldn’t you rather buy an HTC Amazeballs?

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  1. Zoide
    February 08, 16:35 Reply

    That would be confusing…

  2. rich_bown
    February 09, 03:20 Reply

    So to the consumer all HTC phones are called ‘one’? Confusing!

  3. Kpennett
    February 10, 21:54 Reply

    Seriously, confusing? Maybe for a somewhat slightly retarded individual…
    In case you weren’t paying attention, HTC has been trying to get it down to one phone.

  4. MCGTech
    February 11, 14:39 Reply

    HTC One Z would be acceptable followed by One Z+ for the inevitable refresh which follows, but end it there.

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