December 20, 2014

Product Highlight: SEIDIO VITREO for Samsung Galaxy S III


Forget plastic screen protectors…

Seidio’s new tempered glass screen protector, the VITREO, is the ultimate product to safeguard the Samsung Galaxy S III.

Stamped with a 9H hardness rating- you can be confident your screen won’t get scratched.  Tapered edges provide a sleek look and bolsters durability.

Tapered edges add durability and visual appeal; VITREO is shatterproof and reduces fingerprints

  • Specially process tempered glass stamped with 9H hardness rating to safeguard devices from heavy duty scratches and abrasions
  • Tapered (rounded) edges provide a sleek, enhanced profile on the device while reinforcing critical points of impact that bolsters durability
  • Strong silicon adhesive for easy installation without bubbling or lifting
  • Adds only .55mm to the device making it lightweight and portable
  • Oleophobic coating prevents fingerprints and smudges

Available at:

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  • Erik Tijburg

    I have had one of these from day of release and it is the best screen protector I have ever had.

  • Jay A Bomberger

    This thing cut down on screen responsiveness and cut my finger when it cracked. They sent me a replacement and I sent it back.

  • Quryous


    Man, you can buy a LOT of other screen protectors for THAT price.

    Think I’ll stick with other brands