Samsung announces Wi-Fi version of GALAXY Camera

Samsung announces Wi-Fi version of GALAXY Camera

Samsung today announced a Wi-Fi version of the Samsung Galaxy Camera will be offered in the coming weeks. Stopping short of giving a price or exact launch time frame, the hardware maker indicates that the camera is the exact same as the 3G/4G model. This means the same Android 4.1 Jelly Bean experience with 21x Super Long Zoom lens and a super-bright 16M BSI CMOS.

How much would you consider spending for a Samsung Galaxy Camera (Wi-Fi)?  Is this something that even appeals to you?


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  • Esa Edvik

    The 3G model launched here for 599 Eur ($800), which was insane and it’s still at that level. I could get one from Germany for 350 at the moment.
    I was considering replacing my phone with it, but it would required me to route my calls through Skype, which is utter shit on Android (and Windows), so I probably won’t, not that I make that many calls nowadays.
    Too bad, since the camera in this is still the best on any android and leaps and bounces better than the one on SGS3 and still offers the same versatility via Android.

  • HydroRacer Live

    Yes even the very best cell phone camera is still junk so this is worth the money

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