The Weather Company launches first major redesign since 2009

The Weather Company, together with Toyota, launched a major redesign on Monday of The Weather Channel App for Android. The first major overhaul of the app since 2009, the visual appearance is striking. The application instantly displays your localized forecast, and even estimates when current conditions may change.


Of course, this free app comes at a cost. Your front page forecast is layered on top of a completely branded background, something The Weather Company says “offers weather-triggered, dayparted creative for more relevant storytelling and a more integrated experience for both the consumer and advertiser.”

If you can look past the advertisements however, this redesigned app really does have a lot of new features that will make you happily raise your brows. Easier access to current conditions, instant severe weather information and updates, new localized maps including past and future radar, a broader choice of weather related videos, and even the ability to share weather forecasts, maps, alerts and more with family and friends on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.
Let us know what you think. The new Weather Channel App is now available on Google Play.

  • Robert Caldecott

    The ads in the new app are horrible.

  • hldc1

    The Weather Company?

  • The Weather *Channel*

  • Brent Callahan

    When I need weather, I always order it from the Weather Company. 50% off cloudy days this week only!

  • Stephanie Lanier

    The Weather Company, was formerly named The Weather Channel® Companies. And I have to agree with you Robert, the ads are a bit of a distraction.

  • joe_k

    Jeez what is it with these blogs that refuse to post a link to anything but their own content?? You can’t at least post a freakin’ Play Store link to the app? Or even a link to the press release?