X-mini UNO speaker review

X-mini UNO speaker review

x-mini_uno_greenThe X-Mini UNO Mono Capsule Speaker is a small yet powerful little speaker that travels quite well. Barely a few inches tall, the sound is much clearer than we expected for the diminutive (3.5 input) speaker.

Available in a variety of color options, the X-mini UNO features an internal battery that promises up to 20 hours of playback. On average, we found no problem hitting the 10-12 hour mark on full charges. Naturally this changes with the volume levels and results will vary.


The X-mini features ceramic drivers to help deliver the clear highs and warm bass sounds. Don’t get us wrong – this is not going to be the speaker of choice for long term spots. No, this is the perfect companion to toss in a bag for road trips, music at the office, or conference rooms. As you might suspect, the X-mini expands to provide a richer sound with better lows. Collapsed you’re looking at under two inches and expanded you’re barely hitting four inches.

Unlike other models we’ve tested in this space, the X-mini does a great job of staying put. If you’ve ever spent time playing music through one of these capsule speakers then you know they like to dance around. Thanks to an internal weight, the X-mini UNO stays where you place it.

What we liked:

  • Better than expected sound for size
  • Six color options to suit taste
  • Doesn’t hop around like other models
  • Above average battery time

Room for improvement:

  • Tendency to sound shrill at high volumes
  • Would like to see Bluetooth option

Where to buy:

You can learn more about the X-Mini at the company website where they sell them for $49.99. Head to Amazon, however and you could score one of six colors (green, red, blue, orange, purple, gun metal) for $39.99 each. While there, check out some of the other models, including some for less than $20 a piece.


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  1. Firelight
    February 20, 13:43 Reply

    There is a bluetooth version of the speaker – X-mini KAI – but it’s pricey $99.

  2. James Eagle
    February 20, 15:03 Reply

    I have seen this exact speaker branded by several different people. They are pretty good considering their size etc. But you can nearly always buy the same product cheaper by looking around for one that isn’t branded by someone that adds a huge markup to the RRP.

  3. Sound Beyond Size
    February 21, 22:05 Reply

    Hi @Jleagle:disqus :) We hear you and it isn’t an uncommon opinion that you hold, a perfectly valid one too. We do go by the credo that what you pay, in most situations, is what you get. With that, we promise good quality build of our product, great sound for it’s size and post-purchase customer service which includes a 1 year warranty. We understand that it doesn’t always fit into every customer’s budget, but we do try to make it as accessible to most as we can. After all, we began as a start up 7 years ago and were motivated by the ability to share our music through a convenient device that is today, the X-mini Capsule Speaker :)

  4. Sound Beyond Size
    February 21, 22:36 Reply

    Hi @eaglefighter:disqus You are right about the X-mini KAI Capsule Speaker and just wanted to share that the current version is not a ceramic tweeter :)

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