Motorola answers “Will my device receive an upgrade” with new site



Motorola, in an attempt to be more transparent with its user base, has created a new site dedicated to Android software updates. In a nutshell, the site lets one pick their carrier and phone to receive any software update details.

The Photon Q (Sprint), for instance, is marked as “device will be upgraded to Jelly Bean (Android 4.1)” however it does not say when.  On the other hand, the Droid Razr states that the update will begin in Q1 2013.

The website also provides the option to sign up for email updates as it pertains to your particular phone.  Finally, there are instructions on checking to see if you are using the most current version of Android available.

If you’ve ever wanted to know if or when your Motorola phone or tablet will see an update, this is the best and most concise we’ve seen.  Kudos to Motorola for making it more obvious to its consumers.



  1. Hmm…That’s nice. But i hardly makes up for the locked boot-loaders and the fact that by the time they actually roll-out OTA updates, I’ve typically already either flashed a newer developer community ROM or lost interest and moved on to another device.