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  • GuidedByVoices

    Um, not to be a snob, but if you’ve had your Android for more than five minutes and you don’t know how to do these things, then you might want to go ahead and just reactivate the dumbphone.

    • boonesimpson

      while some things are not obvious to many users, The questions i get from noobs deal more with replicating iphone/itunes functionality.

      How do I desktop sync? short answer: you don’t really need to, long answer: use something like snappea)

      Can I fully backup my device?: Again snappea, and now carbon

      what is root and why would i want it?: More control of your device, access to apps with more power (datasync, titaniumbackup, carbon)

      What speaker docks work? Anything with a 3.5mm headphone in, or bluetooth

      where do I get spare cables?: anywhere and they are cheap

      There are many more, but those are some of the ones I have answered a million times. I do wish Google would release a Carbon/SnapPea type app FIRST PARTY (perhaps built into the phone so it is installable/launchable on USB mount) so that average joe’s wouldn’t have to troll XDA or know super nerds to get these answers.

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  • virtualmarc

    You can also uninstall an app, when you go into the app launcher, tap longer on it as if you want to place it on the homescreen or the favorites but drop it on the X where the search bar was.
    Thats a much quicker way than browsing the app list in the settings!

  • John Phillips

    I just deleted ALL of my photos by mistake! Is there any way to retrieve them, or “undo”? Help!!