Can HP’s budget-friendly Slate 7 take on the Nexus 7?


It is Mobile World Congress week, and we all know about the plethora of new Android devices announced. Phones and tablets are everywhere, mostly from familiar names. Then there’s also the new HP (yes, them) tablet, the budget-friendly HP Slate 7. With pricing that starts at $169.99, the big comparison will come from the Nexus 7.

For this price you won’t get a bunch of fancy bells and whistles under the hood, but plenty for new users. It runs Android Jelly Bean with a 1.6 GHz dual-core ARM processor, a 7-inch display, a front and a rear camera, with a grey or red backcover, and it comes with BeatsAudio support. Certainly not bad stuff; most buyers don’t care all that much about specifications.


For HP to have success they will need to promote the tablet and offer it in a variety of retail outlets. In other words, it should be everywhere the Nexus 7 is, and more.

HP will be launching it in April, and we hope that it turns out good for HP. Competition is always welcome and we’re pulling for a rebound from the TouchPad tablet.

So, are you considering grabbing one? Tell us about it in the comment box below.


  • ralphwiggum1

    No. Because 1) price difference and specs aren’t worth it 2) timely updates on Nexus 3) rumored Nexus 7 refresh will make the HP even less worth it 4) HP will likely abandon the tablet within a couple months of release

  • rgingersoll

    Basically? NO.

  • Todd Martineau

    I’ve had some really bad experiences with HP equipment such as laptops, power supplies, printers, etc. I don’t think they make super high quality products and basically don’t trust them. I know this report is 4-5 years old but look where HP fit into things on page 6 of this report. It doesn’t give me the warm fuzzies for HP products.

    Now Google on the other hand has really been doing some great stuff and I trust them a lot more than HP.

  • Afzal Wali

    i am using a nook color modded into a tablet using cm7. I was looking for an upgrade with a better processor, cameras, mic, gps, bluetooth and a lighter weight device. I am using a 32 gb card, but a Nexus 7 32 gb is far more expensive than the $169 for the HP7. I think if ipad mini with the 1024 screen is doing good, hp wont have any issues either (nexus7 has a 1280 screen). A quad code processor on the Nexus 7 was an overkill and just a battery hog when reading ebooks.

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