Waze wows us again with 3.6 release


Starting this week, Waze users now have the ability to report and close roads on their interactive map in real time, helping to prevent delays and unnecessary back-ups on the roadways. With Waze 3.6, drivers can now navigate past any problems on the road, whether it is due to an accident, construction hazard, or weather with just the tap of the screen. And it is smart too!

With Smart Systems in place, Waze will only close down a road once it has enough evidence to make sure it wasn’t driver error. On the other hand, once Waze detects enough cars driving on a closed street, it will automatically return the road to its normal status.

waze 3.6

But that’s not all the new 3.6 update gave Wazers. It also added new graphic overlays and map views, a newly customized inbox with multiple message selection, and even new moods.

Go ahead and try it out, and let us know how the new update is treating you!

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  1. Waze is truly an amazing app. It really delivers what it promises. It’s fast, quickly adapts, and just plain .. works. That is the magic of a well done app. That you do not have to worry about it. I drove from Texas to North Eastern Florida, without a single hitch. Found gas stations, got off I-10, was quickly re-routed, got priceless warnings about traffic jams… Loved it.