Charcoal Black Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 leaked in images

The Galaxy Note 8.0 from Samsung showed up at Mobile World Congress in white, and only in white. Don’t like that marble white option? Well, a leaked image from PhoneArena shows us that you’ll have at least one other color option: Charcoal Black. Remember, it’s not officially official until announced, but the image above does pretty well to serve saying that it will be an option.

Are you looking forward to the Note 8.0, in whatever color it may come? Be sure to sound off in the comments.

via phonearena

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  • I’m interested but I’m extremely tired of Samsung’s overly used pebble look. The size and function of this tablet is most appealing however, I was hoping for a new look and better screen resolution. I may go ahead with this purchase if nothing better is available when it’s finally released. If so, I will most definitely go with black not only because it looks better but because it is one of the only distinguishing cosmetic features.

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  • hugo rocks

    The more options the better. White is not for everyone, I will NOT buy in white. Launching in white only is a joke… did not buy the s3 because it was offered in white or metal blue, will receive my new s4 in BLACK next week. Someone in the marketing dept. need to be fired 😉