Sprint intros ‘Bring Your Own Sprint Device’ for MVNOs



Sprint today announced a new policy for its MVNO (mobile virtual network operators) which will allow users to bring old Sprint devices to other carriers. Called (Bring Your Own Sprint Device) BYOSD, the deal will help consumers save money on purchasing new phones while. At the same time, this helps to cut down on improperly discarded cell phones.

With BYOSD, MVNO customers simply bring a deactivated Sprint device to their MVNO, who must determine the device’s eligibility for the BYOSD program. Upon meeting those specifications, the device is then activated by the MVNO.

It is not clear which carriers will be able to take advantage of the BYOSD nor when it will take effect. As it appears, we could be looking at Virgin Mobile USA, Boost Mobile, and Assurance Wireless. We’ve put a few questions out to Sprint and will update the article with additional details.




  1. Hi Scott and AndroidGuys readers. Please note that Assurance Wireless, Boost Mobile, payLo and Virgin Mobile USA are NOT MVNOs; they are owned by Sprint and are not part of this BYOD initiative at this time.