SXSW finalist Thread aims to reinvent caller ID


Have you grown bored with the manner in which your phone delivers caller ID? Yeah, it’s pretty mundane stuff with just a name and number. Oh, you have the last Facebook update? Meh.  Thread hopes to change the game.

A finalist for the SXSW Accelarator award, Thread is available in Google Play today. Not only does the app deliver names and numbers, but also Facebook, Twitter, recent emails and texts. Additionally, Thread also lets users view images, respond to texts, post to social networks, and more.

Did we mention that it also connects to your Google calendar? Indeed, Thread will send you alerts before meetings with contacts and deliver the cheat sheet of relevant context. Get a leg up on your business associates or competition when you walk into the room, fully prepared.

Learn more about Thread and download it in Google Play today!

[download_link link=”” variation=”hotpink” target=”blank”]Download Thread (Google Play)[/download_link]


  • Ian Douglas

    This app crashed on me several times yesterday. When a call came in, the app locked up and I had a few missed calls because I couldn’t answer the phone before the caller hung up. Another call, the caller let it ring long enough to let Android report that the app was hung so I could kill it and THEN answer my phone. After that, I uninstalled the app.

    Nexus 4, stock ROM.

    • James

      Ian – My name is James, from the Thread app. Sorry Thread didn’t perform as expected. We’ve fixed this bug and would really appreciate it if you would consider giving Thread a second try. Your feedback would be most helpful. If interested, please shoot us an email to [email protected] and we’ll get the updated beta release out to you before it goes public next week. Thanks again for taking the time to provide feedback. We’re committed to getting this right!

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