First Look: Opera 14 Beta [video]

First Look: Opera 14 Beta [video]

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Opera Browser has be re-released in a beta form for the 14th version of the application. This update brings a major UI overhaul and many new features. Gone are the days of Windows Phone 5 Opera, Opera 14 is actually a really nice web browser and easily competes with Chrome.

Opera 14 adds a discovery tab to the speed dial, this works as an rss reader for some of the headlining stories. Opera 14 strives to improve your data using, taking parts from Opera mini, Opera 14 even shows you how much data you have saved over using a traditional browser. Whether or not Opera 14 earns its spot as your default browser is fully up to you. Personally, Chrome still takes the crown for its Google integration, but Opera is a great second choice.

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