Samsung Galaxy S4 ‘Smart Scroll’ feature confirmed in screen grabs

Samsung Galaxy S4 ‘Smart Scroll’ feature confirmed in screen grabs


The rumors of the Samsung Galaxy S4 having an eye scrolling feature have taken another step closer to confirmation. Screen grabs posted by SamMobile show the option in the phone’s settings page, where it appears users can toggle specific apps.

Like the idea of Smart Scroll for GMail but don’t think you want it for Chrome or web browsing? No problem! Want to make it scroll a bit slower? Presto!

The handset looks to also feature an option called Smart Pause which pauses videos if the phone detects your head moving away from the phone. Nifty, no?

Samsung is expected to announce the Galaxy S4 at a press event on March 14 where we will surely learn all the great details. AndroidGuys will be in attendance and will be anxious to help spread the good word!


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  1. Uriah Romero
    March 06, 12:21 Reply

    Having my phone scroll for me does sound convenient, but at the same time, I can’t say I’d use the feature much. One of the rumored features that I’m most excited about is the inclusion of a 1080p display on the Galaxy S4. Streaming my live and recorded shows to my phone while I’m commuting to and from work at DISH is something I do often, and I think a higher resolution display would do well for me. I have the DISH Anywhere app on my Galaxy S2, which allows me to stream my shows from my DVR wherever I go, and it would work brilliantly with the higher quality display.

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