Samsung’s ‘Unicorn Apocalypse’ released as real game

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You know that Unicorn Apocalypse game that has been featured in a number of Samsung commercials as of late? Well, it’s a real game and now it’s available in the Google Play Store. You can head there now and download the free title and be on your way to taking down the Anti Unicorn Force (AUF).


Game Description: As the world crumbles and burns, a lone unicorn wreaks havoc on the last of humanity. Play as the unicorn, the harbinger of the apocalypse. Race across urban rooftops avoiding the deadly unicorn traps and soldiers that the Anti Unicorn Force (AUF) has deployed. Beyond the foot soldiers exist enemies both cunning and strong, so use your magic dash and rainbow lasers to blast through your enemies, avoid your own death, and prolong the Unicorn Apocalypse!

  • Linear Difficulty Scaling
  • 3 Menacing Boss Types
  • Epic Metal Soundtrack
  • Engaging Apocalyptic Environment

For what it’s worth, we noticed the early reviews are not overwhelmingly positive. At only a 2.3 rating, it seems to be a bit buggy and/or disappointing.

[download_link link=”” variation=”hotpink” target=”blank”]Download Unicorn Apocalypse[/download_link]


  • Only if you live in America… Not available in other countries.

  • Ian

    Yeah, us Canadian folks who see the commercials all the time want to play this too! Even if it appears to be full of bugs.

  • Kate

    Looks like a rip off of Robot Unicorn Attack!

  • The game is horrible. You play for about a minute until you come across a tank shooting at you until you eventually fall off the roof and still collect points. The Unicorn disappears and that is it…. it’s like they just didn’t finish the game or something. Don’t waste your time.

  • oldtaku

    Man, this thing is baaaaaaad. Like the rest of Samsung’s software, really.

  • So were just gonna completely copy Robot Unicorn Attack?

  • Bangzilla

    It is funny how people fall of the edge during the tank boss, dur de dur