Google showcases a talking Android shoe at SXSW

We know Google as the famous search engine giant and the company behind our beloved operating system, Android, but Google also loves to introduce weird but creative gadgets as well. I am sure that everyone is familiar with Google Glass project, which is an amazing innovation in the technology industry.

Now at the SXSW event in Austin, Texas, Google showcased a talking Android shoe, specifically a pair of Adidas sneakers hacked by Google’s experts. These kicks can tell the person wearing them what they are doing, and it is linked to their smartphone via a speaker on the tongue of the shoe. However, don’t get too excited as Google promises they are not getting into footwear business.

googshoedsc07207So what’s different about it? If you are wearing a simple Adidas sneakers, and you are just being lazy, no one will make you move. These Google Shoes are like a coach, and they will make you move from the couch by saying things like ‘Are you a statue?’ or ‘This is boring’. Google is not planning to launch it in market, as it is just an experiment, but you never know when they plan to surprise us.

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Via: Engadget