Samsung Galaxy S4 potentially photographed ahead of launch

    Well, it’s crunch time and the Samsung Galaxy S4 is breathing down our proverbial necks. Set to launch later this week (March 14), the flagship device has been the subject of many leaks and rumors. Here we are, three days until its debut, and we’re still getting new and juicy stuff.

    It’s difficult to say for certain that the photos we’re looking at are, in fact, the Samsung Galaxy S4. On one hand we’re inclined to say, “Yeah, that looks pretty accurate and falls in line with rumors.” On the other hand, we’d be surprised if it leaked to the wild before the reveal. We could also be looking at an entirely different model, something else that could end up in the Samsung Galaxy line.

    According to 52Samsung (translate), this is the GT-i9502 and it’s a dual-SIM verison of the GS4 headed to China Unicom. Details include Android 4.2.1, 2GB RAM, a (Samsung Exynos) 5410 (Octa) processor, 13-megapixel camera, and 1080p display.

    For what it’s worth, this does have Samsung’s design cues written all over it and seems like an actual phone. On the contrary, it does not match up at  all with the leaked cases from a few weeks back. One or the other, or both, are not the real deal.

    We’ll be in attendance at the Galaxy S4 launch and are only too excited to share the news first-hand! Be sure to follow along this week as we get photos and videos and our first impressions!

    Via: Engadget