Samsung Galaxy S4 to feature a new and efficient AMOLED technology?

Samsung has a very solid name in the smartphone industry with their Android powered phones, most notably with the Galaxy S series. When each successive release, experts debate about how amazing the display the device is and how it stacks up.  It seems they will have plenty to debate for the Galaxy S4, if new rumors are true.

According to SamMobile, Samsung’s upcoming flagship device will feature a floating touch technology along with a new kind of AMOLED display, known as the “green PHOLED”. As the word green infers, the new technology will consume less battery power – at least  25% more efficient than the AMOLED display.

Reportedly, the Galaxy S4 will feature a 4.99 inch display, and with features like Smart Scroll, I am pretty sure that the phone will pose big problems for the HTC One.

SamMobile is further reporting that it will come with a new camera feature known as Samsung Orb, a 360 degree photo capturing feature.

March 14 is just around the corner! Do you think the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be the phone we all are waiting for? Tell us about it in the comment box below.

Source: SamMobile