Sony Xperia Z soldout in many markets, Sony looking forward to a strong year

Sony recently introduced the Sony Xperia Z, which is their new Android flagship device. It’s a beautiful and slim smartphone, and experts believe that it will be a big success for Sony. DigiTimes is reporting that the Sony Xperia Z was fully booked on the first day in Japan, Germany, France, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Sony is planning to ship more than 50 million devices this year, compared to 34 million devices shipped last year. Gunning for the ‘number 3’ spot in the mobile market, Sony hopes to be the next name after Samsung and Apple.

xperia-z-white-1240x840-8ff005dc9465d780126a15f59efcc7bc-optXperia Z is a powerful device, and it will go head-to-head with the HTC One and the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S 4. The competition in upcoming months will be really strong, as Motorola NXT a.k.a XPhone will be coming out soon.

So folks, are you planning to get the Xperia Z? If yes then tell us why are you planning to pick it over HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S IV or any other Android phone.

Source: DigiTimes

  • Wolf0491

    I want the purple one but trying to see if an LTE model will release in the US

  • krishna121

    i want it because of design and durable features…… dust and waterproff……….

  • hee


  • Is it coming to Verizon?

  • I bought it for the looks and the fact that sony leaves android alone for the large part.

  • Oskar

    Can’t wait !!!! Is it coming to AT&T

  • Wally

    Because it’s a Sony. And awesome. That goes without saying.

  • AppleSUCKS!

    I cant wait for this Sony Experia Z to come to AT&T!!! I’ve been following this thing since CES. Sony PLEASE GOD BRING IT TO AMERICA/AT&T NOW!!! ILL BUY ONE IN ALL 3 COLORS!!!

  • aucifer

    i want the purple, sony needs to hurry up and bring it here to the u.s

  • Mas Hple

    I had the S before and now the Z in my hands since two weeks, the Z is just amazing!!

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  • Gantrioch

    Very reliable sources say that the XPERIA Z model C6606, with AT&T LTE bands 4 and 17, is coming to the United States very soon. You can check, and let everyone you know that they should be patient for this phone (^_^).

  • I actually like the ZL instead, especially since the innards are the same without the glass back on the Z. It’ll likely be my first look if the HTC One does indeed ship with an encrypted bootloader.

  • When will the Xperia Z be released in the U.S.

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