December 21, 2014

Verizon upgrading DROID RAZR and RAZR MAXX to Jelly Bean


Verizon’s DROID RAZR and RAZR MAXX are probably one of the best Motorola smartphones you can grab from Big Red. If not the best, they may among the most popular these last few months.

Verizon is currently deploying the Android Jelly Bean update for these two but you can also manually download it. To so do, head to settings and follow the typical procedure of upgrading your phone.

Motorola-Droid-Razr-Maxx-Android-Jelly-Bean-update-Verizon-2If you want to know what your DROID RAZR or RAZR MAXX will be able to do after upgrading to the latest version, you can check this full list over at Motorola.

Source: VZW

  • Gabriel

    lol people. Just learn how to work your phone. Don’t wait for an OTA update. Just download the zip file of the update to your SD card and reboot in recovery mode. There’s at least 5 places online where you can get this file. I got it, and it made my Razr the phone it was always supposed to be. It’s amazing, and I’m stoked about it. Don’t wait for VZ to send you the update, as Moto has already released it. :) smile

  • PeeGee

    Mine is updating now. I was wondering why it got so hot all of a sudden! I wish it gave me the option to wait until tonight when it was on the charger.

  • jwil

    Mine also showed up in updates this morning. Downloading now.

  • David

    Columbia SC OTA Updating on Droid Razr 10:30 EDT!

  • joe

    got it

  • Rick Sievers

    Its here!!! Lots to learn… again

  • djmatte

    got it in Ann Arbor. Pretty slick and so far I think my phone runs better on JB than it was on ICS. In the last few weeks, it was getting overheated somehow. Google now meets all expectations. :)

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  • Chicki

    I’m in Springfield, Oregon and my update came OTA yesterday for my Droid MAXX. Took a long time.


    got jelly bean on my raZR I LAST NIGHT.


    DUTCHITGUY – SOL.. nothing yet and the Motorola and Verizon sites say it has been out for 11 days or more now. According to Verizon support it is a tiered deployment and doing a manual check will do nothing for you.

  • linfroe68

    update worst deal ever!!! phone apps dont work, pics lost, social media sharing gone, wifi no connection.. to name a few… oh yeah sd card no good all pics gone from there too!!! cant wait to get rid of this phone!!!droid sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nikki

    the update sucks I want my working phone back not this piece of crap!

  • Kevin Newton

    VZW announced Android 4.1 upgrade for RAZR early March. Now it’s April 12 & my phone still says no upgrade available. WHY?!?!?!

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