December 20, 2014

Verizon upgrading DROID RAZR and RAZR MAXX to Jelly Bean


Verizon’s DROID RAZR and RAZR MAXX are probably one of the best Motorola smartphones you can grab from Big Red. If not the best, they may among the most popular these last few months.

Verizon is currently deploying the Android Jelly Bean update for these two but you can also manually download it. To so do, head to settings and follow the typical procedure of upgrading your phone.

Motorola-Droid-Razr-Maxx-Android-Jelly-Bean-update-Verizon-2If you want to know what your DROID RAZR or RAZR MAXX will be able to do after upgrading to the latest version, you can check this full list over at Motorola.

Source: VZW

  • Songii Charles Pruitt

    I am checking every 10 minutes…Nada so far:(

    • Bob

      I know, me too… the same here! nada!

  • David

    Same here I’m checking every 1/2 hour no update

  • Andre Leblond

    I got it!!!

    • Alex

      Was it sent to you or did u manually refresh the update thing?

    • [email protected]

      Details! Out with it man!

  • LukeBK

    I have tried several times but no updated yet.

  • Ryan

    I’ve been checking since Motorola made the announcement Thursday – nothing.

    • Johno

      just got it 3/12/2013

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  • John

    I have also been checking since Thursday and nothing. Moto’s web site also still says expected to roll out in Q1 as if nothing has been announced. Almost like that blog post never happened.

  • Dave

    I keep checking al the time. “phone up to date!” LOL Right. ICS was a disaster and now I am waiting 9 months for the fix. Yesterday my notificaton kept cycling and my phone got hot! Had to do the soft reset multiple times. Missing email. Phone that goes dead after taking a picture, More soft resets. Phone that goes dead in the holster. Voice to text fails frequently. VZ was goig to give me my choice of new (refurb) phones but I waited. Now that I am asking again thy are ilent. Considering asking or a Razor Maxx HD or a GalaxyS3. My wife says to go back to HTC where I was happy. Perhaps I should go to Sprint. They have a tower on the hill behind my house!

    • DroidGuru

      Nothing is worth switching back to sprints bad network or horrible customer service. Just call verizon and let them set u up :) I’m sure if you asked for a replacement phone of similar quality you’d get something great!

      • Dave

        See my new post at the top of the thread.

    • Guest

      I GOT IT!!!! WOOO HOO!!!

      • Brett Director

        Me too. I checked right after midnight and it is installing right now. About 20 minutes to download and it indicated it will take about 20 minutes to install. I’m located in NYC

  • Paul

    Nada checking…. why tell us and not let us download it! lets us get it from Motorola!!

  • dep7418

    I know the soak update has been pulled and is available to download fro other sites. I think i’ll wait for the OTA to arrive, however.

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  • lee

    Yeh ive been trying also im in ohio where is everyone else located?

    • Allen254

      im in cali and still no update been checking since thursday

  • Allen254

    Has anyone got the update yet OTA ….not downloaded

  • bryan

    No update here in NYC… wtfff

  • b

    Nothing here in New Jersey yet.

  • E

    Guys, i spoke to Motorola and Jelly hasn’t officially been released. what was sent out was a test, once the test is officially over with, Jelly bean will then be sent out in batches over the next couple of days but there is no exact date of when the test will be over with but i am sure verizon and motorola will keep their promise and send it out within the month since it brings us to our 1st quater. Hang tight.

    • maab

      I was part of the test, and it was officially finished at 11:45 pm EST. Will now be sent out in batches starting “later this evening”

  • Jerry Cronie

    I’m checking every five seconds. Still nothing but Your device is up to date! No update is necessary at this time.

  • joe haddakin

    I had an itch & got tired of waiting for JB OTA push & figured out how to manually download it. Am running 4.1.2 on my RAZR Max right now.

  • Dave

    I am just fed up with the RazorMaxx ICS debacle. If they do offer me a new (and different) phone, should I go for the Razor Maxx HD, the Galaxy S3 or something else? I love the RM battery. But perhaps a different manufacturer will be more responsive to upgrades. You guys are rather knowlegeable and probably have a variety of phones.

    • Dave

      Well I got the Jelly Bean update this morning. 20 minute download. 20 minute install. Don’t really know what to say. My nice weather widget disappeared but everything else stayed the sme. All my apps are intact and the information is still intact. Gallery displays my pictures bigger and seems to categorize them. Perhaps someone has a guide out. Still not sure I’m staying with this phone. Software or hardware, the problems have gotte to me. the heating phone (pocket warmer substitute) seemed to break the straw the other day.

  • Jordan Brown

    My friend at school just got it last night and I still have 4.0.4

  • Alex

    I call bullshit on Motorola and verizon. Just saying they released it so we would stop asking. Definitely last Motorola phone I’m ever getting.

  • Adam

    The update is not OFFICIALLY released neither by Verizon nor Motorola. The Motorola site still says to be released in Q1 and VZW says SOON….Patience people!

    • Scott Higingbotham

      It was promised Q4 of 2012….patience is long gone, buddy.

    • VANiceGuy

      I’m in Chesapeake, VA and my update just started a few minutes ago (3/12/13, 7:15 am)

  • Allen254

    knowing these fuckers it will come out last day of march

  • Dave Anderson

    No update available or needed when I try.

  • Lin McDowell

    Sorry to disappoint everyone, but this is not actually the case (if you believe the two different Motorola reps I chatted with tonight. They both confirmed that although both Motorola pages: and state that the update began rolling out as of 3/7 (as does the Verizon site:, it has only been released to restricted users for testing purposes. They said the first Motorola page was just for “informational purposes”. They couldn’t respond at all to the second page I listed above. Of course, they could say nothing about Verizon. Totally misleading.

  • Franko_Grimeso

    I did the manual update. Things seem to be working fine. If you are tired of waiting you should check out he gives the links to the file you need and walks you through it.

    I like it so far – Phone seems way faster and doesn’t lag when loading pictures. The Google search assistant aka “Better than Siri” is updated and better. I’m not too crazy about the gallery, but maybe I’ll find a cool app for that.

  • Tunnel Vision

    My phone is lying to me. It keeps saying “Your device is up to date!”.

  • J.D. Hyman

    I finally got it, but I got it as I was part of the soak test.

    • allen254

      You got it today????

  • Rey

    Guys I. Justly got it I live in dfw TX 4% now

  • Rey

    OTA btw

  • jaime

    I have just started downloading it…Its about 12:19am on 3-12….iam in Tampa Bay btw

  • hitlizard

    its downloading now!

  • TimmyT

    OTA update right now in Boise ID

  • John

    I just tried again (23:30 Central Time) and it started downloading!

  • Joe

    Just got the update via manual check. Go to menu > about phone > software update. It is currently 11:35 in illinois.

  • Rob

    Update downloading in denver 10.45 at 2percent

  • Gordon

    Finishing the update now (optimizing apps). Started at about 12:20am 3/12 in NYC. Updated manually via system update.

  • Allen254

    i just got jelly bean yes OTA

  • Nick4G

    Might want to check it now. I’m updating my RAZR Maxx right now from East Coast, USA.

    • Aaron

      heck yeah….updating now, near Chicago

  • Chad Knoblett

    Terre haute,indiana OTA RIGHT NOW

  • E

    Got my jelly Bean update.

  • Miguel Estrada

    It’s 145 eastern time I’m downloading the update here in NC please everyone be patient

  • PCHPlayer

    Downloading now

  • Travis

    I finally got my jelly bean update on my razr maxx. It came through at around 10:30 pm on March 11. It’s about time

  • Darren

    Jellybean update now… Jacksonville Fl

  • Mitchell Kahl

    I just got it. I went into settings and was able to start the update. It takes about 2 hours to download and then install the update

    • Susan

      Mine only took an hour but I was using 4G for the download. So far so good. I like Google Now so far although I haven’t figure out all the features yet.

  • Nick

    Received the update at midnight.

  • Meeee

    Waiting for my update to finish….I’m excited as my hubby already has it so I know what to expect!!!:☺

  • jj

    im downloading jelly bean now! hope its for the best!

  • dbchecker2

    just got the upgrade this morning.
    I have been doing a manual check for software updates and it finally was available!