Get this look for your Android: Circles

Get this look for your Android: Circles


Do you know what love to do with our Android handsets and tablets? We ‘re huge fans of changing the home screen around a bit and creating a new user experience. That’s why we present a weekly series of Get This Look posts.

In a nutshell we show you a new look for your Android handset and tell you which apps you’ll need if you want to mimic the feel. Some of these are a little easier to create than others and many of them can be tweaked to no end. The following details are but the ingredients to which you can create your own delicious Android dish; your results will vary.

Which is awesome!

Circles 32 by Lesa0208


First off, it’s unlike the other designs we’ve highlighted here. Rather than the Google Now-like stuff or the minimal layouts that seem quite popular, this look is more HTC Sense-ish. See the circles and app launcher shortcuts? That’s pretty sharp stuff.


Circle Bench is a slightly modified take on the Circles theme.

The wallpaper works well here but it’s nothing that can’t be swapped out for something else, all while maintaining the interesting look. Note, that trying to create anything beyond the “theme” here could prove difficult for novice modders.

Of course, you can change the icons and photos up for other apps and give yourself quick access to any other games or settings. Should you opt for that, just about anything will work nicely.


Variations and themes

You might also like the Circle Sense and/or Circle Bench as both are inspired by this look.

MyColorScreen is dedicated to the great ways you can modify your home screens.

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    • alregals
      March 13, 01:40 Reply

      Yeah, I wanna know how to do this too.

  1. Phillip Putzback
    March 13, 10:08 Reply

    I’d also like to see the steps. I am curious to see the home screens as well. I assume this is only the lock screen.

    • Phillip Putzback
      March 13, 10:25 Reply

      I can’t seem to get past setting the wallpaper. It is so dark I can’t read the text. Is widget locker causing this? Because when I select the wallpaper and expand the box to include the entire image, it looks right. Then when it is applied it turns dark

  2. sirleeofroy
    March 16, 13:06 Reply

    I would also like a guide on how to do this. Anyone?

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