Google’s Project Glass gets SXSW demo

Google’s Project Glass gets SXSW demo

google glassAs a child I remember watching The Terminator with my family, thinking how cool it would be to literally wear a computer that delivers real-time information. Well, if you have been following the news, this dream is almost a reality with the upcoming  Google Glass.

Rumors have been floating around that they could be out as soon as Q4 2013, but until then all we can do is patiently wait while they tease us with its new features and capabilities.

For instance, this week at SXSW Interactive, Google’s developer advocate Timothy Jordan demonstrated some of the first third-party software integrated into Glass, including The New York Times, Skitch, Evernote, and Path. He even went as far as to show off Gmail, which will allow you to reply to important emails using voice recognition right from the headset.

So where will you be able to get these specs? Online will be a definite, but don’t rule out Glass making a debut in a possible Google Store. Yep that’s right, according to techradar.comGoogle is considering actual shops to showcase the technology to the public.

Check out the Google Glass promo video here and start saving. Google Glass is expected to cost “under $1500”.


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    Yeah, I loved the part in Terminator 2 when he’s lowered into the molten steel and has a quick sec to check his Gmail.

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