HTC: Enough of this ‘quietly brilliant’, we’re challenging Apple and Samsung

HTC, as you all know, is one of the leading smartphone brands in the world, and especially in the Android space. While Apple and Samsung are two of the top mobile brands in the world, HTC

  • Bernardo

    I hope so. They have many good ideas and devices and I just hope more people get this items in their hands. Now that they have a few good devices per year, it’s time to show them off and break new grounds.

  • Chris Brown

    hell, yes! HTC has always produced some of the best mobile device designs and great hardware capabilities. Sense is probably the best OEM skin although pure Android experience would appeal to me more on their devices especially since that would speed up OS updates which has been a problem for HTC (and most OEMS with skinned devices) in the past. HTC is on the right path with innovation on the software side. Zoe is cool idea and will be great to show others on your device but how often do we share albums on our devices. The Zoe web site probably will be shuttered after a year. BlinkFeed is another example of their innovation. HTC should also stop putting so much energy into low- and mid-end devices. They don’t help their reputation which is why Apple doesn’t want to get into the low-end. Albeit, the profit margins may dictate producing devices in that range, but do so in a limited fashion. Make a single or couple great devices in that space but focus energies on the premium devices which in time can create economies of scale on their parts/technologies that can be implemented on future mid- and low-end devices.

    I would like to see HTC continue to invest in the designing the best devices with competitive hardware specs while devoting R&D to new capabilities of the technology (much like Samsung’s eye-tracking technology) and ideally a pure Android experience. There definitely needs to be more than two players in the mobile device space and certainly more than one dominant force in the Android space.

  • They surely can built better phones than apple, now even there camera could be the best out right now. There sense u.I. us always been up there with the best, apple isn’t going to be attacking them &they can keep focus on the phones. So far they have everything I could wasn’t in a phone, quality materials, great camera, great look, sterio speakers with great sound fit a phone. Only one problem, I like the fact there screen is 4.7″ since it’ll allow me to use the phone one handed & the extra bonus of more pixels per inch. Then there’s the one thing that disappointed me, the fact that there wasn’t a single attempt at edge 2 edge screen, they definitely could of made the side panels thinner or or should of gone with a bigger screen if that’s what it would of taken. Either way they’re on the right path, what android company has ever made a phone that could stand tie to tie against the iPhone while making the iPhone look like a plain cheap phone? HTC did it & Samsung please use some real metal on your phones instead of that plastic imitation.

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  • They aren’t going to be quietly brilliant for long if they keep dropping the ball on this release date. Talk about giving the competition a head start again!

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  • I’m not really impressed with the direction that HTC is heading. I like many of their features, but hate that they are making their phone less flexible. No micro SD? No removable battery? I’m out.

  • Richard Yarrell

    Sounding more desperate every day. Blah blah blah blah blah first Twitter and now this. Face facts Htc One is a great constructed device i like that blinkfeed but better than the Galaxy S4…….NOT………The Galaxy S4 has the best software development and implementation of features on any handset on the market. Samsung specializes in feature enhancements and user experience something NO manufacturer tops.