Verizon to launch the HTC One?

HTC’s latest flagship device is getting a lot of attention from mobile networks in the USA, and it seems all major US networks will be carrying the HTC

  • htowngtr

    Not with the battery life reviewers are claiming it has… Borderline bad.

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  • If I understood the article, it seems more like the DNA or One X than the HTC One. What I want is the exact same HTC One, on Verizon, that is on the rest of the carriers…nothing less will do!!!

  • Rick

    Comes with either 32gb or 64gb of internal storage, and no micro sd unfortunately.

  • Ed Leinheiser

    If they don’t have the exact HTC One I’m jumping ship next month. I’m due for an upgrade which they will use to make me switch from unlimited data unless I inherit a small fortune. When my term is up, I’m going wherever the nearest HTC One is on sale, if its with Verizon I’ll stay, if not I’m gone!!!

  • fxdviva

    I want the ONE!