Google IO 2013 sells out within 45 minutes

waiting_ticket As if you might have expected anything else, Google I/O 2013 has sold out in a matter of minutes. How many minutes this time? Well, so far our unofficial report is that took only 45 minutes. To put that into perspective, let’s frame it against the last few years and the time it took to accomplish the feat.

  • 2009: 90 days
  • 2010: 10 days
  • 2011: 59 minutes
  • 2012: less than 30 minutes

Yes, it does seem that it took longer to sell 5,000 tickets to Google I/O 2013 than it did last year!  Ohnoes, Android developer interest has fallen off!

On the other hand, we saw plenty of reports from users getting that “wait” screen above just a matter of minutes into the registration period. We also heard from a number of you who waited the entire six minutes only to do it all over again. Google Wallet issues also seem to be pretty popular this morning.

Until we hear officially (if we do), we’ll likely see conflicting reports as to how long it truly took.

That didn’t last long…

At $900 a ticket, the 3-day  event has become quite the draw for Android developers. Maybe it’s the chance to rub elbows with like-minded individuals, maybe it’s the sandbox sessions and hands-on time. Maybe it’s the “freebies”; past gifts include HTC Ion, HTC Evo 4G, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, Samsung Chromebox, Samsung Chromebook, Nexus 4, Nexus Q, and Nexus 7.  Whatever the reason, the conference has grown in popularity and seems to be matching Android’s draw.

No ticket for you?


Deal with it.
Deal with it.

If you’re an Android developer who finds themselves in the unenviable position of not having a ticket, you can keep up with all things Google IO online. The Google+ page and YouTube channels are great ways to stay connected so definitely bookmark those.

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  • Andrew Love

    I don’t think it was lack of interest, I think the problem was a much worse registration process than they had in prior years. I personally had a lock on a ticket 3 times and tried to get through the purchasing process before the 5:00 timer ran out and failed all three times. Google really should be ashamed. Not only did they put up a terrible registration process but they wasted nearly an hour of my time.

  • Lodijones

    Tried the whole 45 minutes to never get anything more then the timer and resetting every 6 minutes. Real shame

  • Brian Wang

    Seems like there is a Google Wallet problem and most of the people got the ticket in the first half hour can not get through the Google Wallet even though the purchase has been approved by the credit card company. Those transactions are eventually cancelled by Google.

    I encounter the same thing. Make you wonder how this thing can happen on a company call itself technology leader!

  • Kim Hansen

    Got a ticket, payed, the money was charged from my Credit card and then Google cancelled the order. This is the second year that it is a big disappointment. Definitely over this.

  • anthony

    I was incredibly disappointed. Five of us tried from the moment the counter hit zero, and registration opened, and not one of us got a ticket. Google should be ashamed of the failure of their ticketing system.

  • I got it! Sorry..

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  • Richard Hay

    I also got a lock on a ticket about 22 minutes in and Wallet “pondered” my purchase but never filled in the “vendor” field or the “Credit Card” from field, and I was never able to get the “Buy” button to ungray. I tried 3 times after I got the lock within the 5 minute timer and was never able to secure my Google I/O ticket

    very disappointing

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